News from and about the port


Port Oostende celebrates 25th anniversary with inspiring event

Esbjerg Declaration

Unique collaboration in place

Oostelijke havendam uitbreiding

Port Oostende: another step closer to seaward expansion

Haven Oostende - Nectar Group

Port Oostende takes next step in its growth process

Volle Haven Oostende

Annual report 2021

GEOxyz - Haven Oostende

Port Oostende, Parkwind and GEOxyz ensure cleaner shipping

MultiTech lasser

MultiTech obtains EN1090 certificate


MPI Adventure colors the skyline of Port Oostende


Port Oostende welcomes Business Development Director

DecomWind legal framework for decommissioning of on- and offshore wind turbines

DecomWind workshop Legal Framework for decom on- and offshore wind turbines

Start Stapelhuis Entrepot

Start of renovation and new use of Stapelhuis Entrepot