Doing business in Port Oostende

Expertise in niche markets

Port Oostende blue economy REBO heavy weight terminal Otary Seamade Siemens Gamesa

Offshore installation

The REBO heavy weight terminal is known as a base of operations for the construction of various wind farms at sea. Wind turbine components are brought to the terminal from all over the world, assembled and then they leave for installation at sea.

Port Oostende jobs tewerkstelling crew transfer vessel

Offshore maintenance

The 399 wind turbines, installed in the Belgian part of the North Sea, are continuously monitored and maintained. A cluster of around sixty companies carries out these works. Employment for +/- 600 full-time workers. This business cluster is located up and around the REBO heavy weight terminal

Port Oostende Rotra Mare Blue Economy decommissioning

Decommissioning offshore wind turbines

Wind turbines are replaced by larger and more efficient turbines after a life cycle of about 20 years.  Port Oostende has all the accommodation and knowledge to facilitate decommissioning projects. The REBO heavy weight terminal is equipped to handle such installations.

Port Oostende Columbi Salmon aquaculture


Aquaculture includes the cultivation of aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceans, shellfish and aquatic plants. Aquaculture also includes the cultivation of fish, mussels and oysters in offshore or coastal farming installations. 

Port Oostende circular industry AIM Europe

Circular industry

This is about continuing to use products and materials of the highest quality in the economy. What is waste for one company is raw material for another.

Port Oostende bulk sand Ruyter


Sand and gravel are the most common bulk goods to enter Port Oostende. These raw materials are processed by concrete companies and the construction industry. In addition, wood and other goods are regularly brought in.

Port Oostende project cargo offshore high voltage station

Project cargo

Anything large and heavy can enter Port Oostende. There are several terminals available for project cargo. The  REBO heavy weight terminal has a load capacity of 20 t/m². 

Roll-on-roll-off bridge Port Oostende

Roll-on roll-off

Port Oostende has 5 roll-on roll-off bridges. Trucks and SPMTs (vehicles that are used to move heavy loads) can drive from the ship onto the quay. The roro bridges connect directly to the international road network (E40 - A10).

Port Oostende cruiseterminal cruise


Every year Port Oostende welcomes about ten cruises from the higher market segment. They moor at the special quay that gives direct access to the city centre.

Port Oostende visserij vissersschip


The fishery fleet of Oostende has about 65 vessels. The fishery industry is supported wherever possible.

Multitech Haven Oostende technisch maatwerk

Technical custom-made goods

Subsidiary MultiTech nv specialises in metal constructions, welding, lacquering and spraying. 


Multitech Haven Oostende technische diensten

Technical services

Subsidiary MultiTech nv provides the companies in and around Port Oostende with technical assistance in the field of safety, containers, transport, cranes, ...

Port Oostende blue economy hydrogen Hydroville


The production of hydrogen is essential in the energy transition to renewable energy sources. Together with DEME and PMV, we are making every effort to build a 70 MW (phase 1) / 250 MW (phase 2) hydrogen plant in Ostend that will produce green hydrogen by 2025. Green hydrogen is produced with renewable energy via electrolysis or membrane technology.

A quote from an international entrepreneur

"The cluster operation in Port Oostende around circular industry accelerated Renasci's activities."

A quote from an international entrepreneur

"Port Oostende has land, easy access to water, clean energy and a good road network. But the most important thing is that they share their expertise and are super business friendly."