Port areas

Business areas with direct access to open sea

  • REBO heavy weight terminal
  • Offshore operations & maintenance site
  • NHM terminal 
  • Cockerillkaai
  • Deep water quay
  • Roll-on roll-off quay
  • Cruise terminal
Port Oostende voorhaven
Vlotdok Houtdok Zwaaidok

Business areas behind Demey lock

  • Vlotdok
  • Houtdok
  • Zwaaidok

Activities on and around these docks: bulk goods, drone factory, offshore services, ...

Business areas on Plassendale Chemie

The chemical site mainly processes xylenes.
The strategic diesel storage takes place in the GFS tanks.



Port Oostende chemie
Bedrijfsterrein Plassendale 1

Business areas on Plassendale 1

Circular cluster: here waste material is processed into new raw material 

Ostend Science Park with the Bluebridge incubation centre

Maritiem Onderzoekscentrum: wave-basin and tow tank where pioneering maritime research is carried out

Business areas on Plassendale 2, 3 and 4

On Plassendale 2 construction waste, among other things, is recycled.

On Plassendale 3 and 4 there is room for non-maritime related industrial activities.

Bedrijfsterreinen Plassendale