Building REBO-warehouse in Port Oostende finished

On Wednesday 30 August, 2023, the new warehouse of subsidiary REBO in Port Oostende was officially inaugurated in the presence of mayor of the city of Oostende and president REBO Bart Tommelein, president Port Oostende Charlotte Verkeyn and CEO Dirk Declerck. REBO nv invested in this new 6 900 m² warehouse to guarantee the further rollout of its strategy. Since the acquisition in October 2019, the offshore wind terminal was repositioned to a multipurpose heavy weight terminal. This investment fits into the vision that Port Oostende and its subsidiaries should actively participate in the maritime logistics chain.

Following earlier acquisition in 2019 of the remaining 85% of the shares, with REBO nv, Port Oostende is thus taking the next important step in its offer with active participation in the logistics maritime chain. REBO invested around 3.5 million euros in a 6 900 m² warehouse to attract even more maritime traffic. The success of the reconversion is demonstrated once again with this investment.

REBO will operate this warehouse under its own management. This guarantees that modern logistics and higher interest, namely maximum rotation of goods versus mere storage and optimal planning in the context of, for example, energy transition, can be pursued.

"The REBO warehouse provides a range of opportunities in Port Oostende through which we can optimally build the future. I am therefore pleased that we can further develop the strategy of Port Oostende and its subsidiaries."

"To strengthen the port's continuity, the REBO warehouse is an important investment. Besides its exclusive location, the presence of heavy weight quays, and a RORO pontoon with a carrying capacity of 650 tonnes, this warehouse is an extra asset that will help attract additional maritime traffic."

“We continue to take steps towards the development of Port Oostende and REBO by offering various competitive services to port users. Additional traffic will strengthen our port and increase employment in our city. We can only welcome that."

Port Oostende

Port Oostende is committed to continuity, growth, and employment within five pillars: Blue Economy, Lift-on Lift-off & Bulk & Project Cargo, Cruises & Roll-on-roll-off, Circular Industry and the Fisheries Sector. These sectors will be further developed based on two fundamentals: prioritising safety, health and environment and secondly supporting innovation and development.