Annual report 2021

The chosen course of Port Oostende is successful, even in a turbulent world

The 2021 annual report provides a detailed explanation of the activities of Port Oostende in the past year. How did the tonnages evolve? Which new companies are located in Port Oostende and what impact will they have on employment? What do the financial figures say? On the basis of 10 "fields of focus", you will be guided through the port activities of 2021.

Sustainable maritime growth markets

Since 2019, Port Oostende has defined the creation of sustainable maritime employment as its mission. The vision is that it should excel in water-bound sustainable specialized growth markets. That is why Port Oostende rolled out five strategic pillars: blue economy, bulk & project cargo, circular industry, cruises & roll-on-roll-off and fishing.

This approach is paying off; for example, Port Oostende has succeeded in creating an additional 400 jobs over the past 3 years.

Trend break reconfirmed

In addition, Port Oostende transformed from a structurally loss-making port into a financially healthy port with the third profit year in a row. In the previous annual report, she announced that 2020 was the best financial year of the past 15 years. This result will be continued in 2021 and Port Oostende will do even better.

Read our annual report 2021 here - Dutch version