Port Oostende, Parkwind and GEOxyz ensure cleaner shipping

Port Oostende, Parkwind and GEOxyz ensure cleaner shipping

Today Port Oostende, Parkwind and GEOxyz announce the construction of a hydrogen bunkering station in the Port of Oostende as part of the European project 'ISHY'. This hydrogen bunkering station, which will be built and operated by Parkwind, will be used to supply ships with environmentally friendly hydrogen with zero emissions. The bunker station will be placed on the former Foxtrot site. The building permit application is now being submitted and it is expected that this bunkering station will be operational by the end of 2023. The start of the construction phase is planned for early next year.

In a first phase, this will allow four ships a day to be supplied with hydrogen. This primarily concerns ships that carry out maintenance work on wind farms, the so-called crew transfer vessels or CTVs. GEOxyz is currently converting such a CTV so that it can partly run on hydrogen.

The major advantage of using hydrogen in shipping is that there are no CO2 emissions. This is therefore the next step in which the use of fossil fuels in the context of mobility is avoided where possible.

With this, Port Oostende is continuing its transformation into a Sustainable Port with a focus on maritime growth markets. Parkwind once again demonstrates its progressive role in the use of hydrogen. GEOxyz thus confirms its position as an innovative company. It is therefore no coincidence that these three parties have found each other for the realization of this project.

“We think about the future and that of our children. Attention to the environment and business operations should go hand in hand. This is a good example of this.”

“This is an important step in the energy transition. With this we further anchor GEOxyz, which last year signed a concession agreement in Port Oostende and Parkwind, a leading player in the field of renewable energy. This fits in perfectly with our strategy to give sustainable maritime growth markets a place in our port.”

“Changing the world starts with changing yourself. This bunkering station is a first step towards what we believe to be the standard of the future: carbon-free shipping operations, starting with the reduction of the carbon footprint of our own offshore operations. For us at Parkwind represents ISHY how our mission can have a transformative (green) impact on other industries through collaboration and innovation.”

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Port Oostende focuses on continuity, growth and employment within five pillars: Blue EconomyBulk & Project CargoCruises & Roll-On Roll-OffCircular Industry and the Fisheries Sector. These sectors are further expanded on the basis of two foundations: prioritising safety, health and the environment and second supporting innovation and development.

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