About us

Mission & Vision

MISSION | Creating economic growth that generates sustainable employment.

VISION | To excel in niche markets with waterbound activities.

Jobs at Port Oostende


The resulting strategy is based on two foundations and five pillars which should support continuity and sustainability.



Safety, health and environment is our first priority

Port Oostende plays a pioneering role in the Oostende port area in terms of the care for the health and safety of every employee and the care for the living environment. To support the continuous awareness and attention for Health and Safety a mascot was created, SAFE HENK, with the slogan "I am not a cowboy". The mascot was designed by the Oostende artist Herr Seele.



Supporting research and development

The use of fossil raw materials to move vehicles or vessels will hopefully decrease drastically soon. The scarcity of raw materials and the negative impact on people and the environment, make this urgent. Alternatives are available. Port Oostende supports the possibility of taking a real new step in technology and energy transition.



Raad van Bestuur Haven Oostende

Structure & participations

Port Oostende is a plc of Public Law and generates its own income. Most of it comes from concession fees and port dues.

Port Oostende is 100% shareholder of REBO nv and MultiTech nv, 25% shareholder of Ostend Science Park and 3,915% shareholder of Bluebridge Incubatie- en Innovatiecentrum.

REBO nv is 100% shareholder of Ostend Stevedoring Services Company nv (OSSCO).

European projects

Port Oostende believes in cooperation with other ports. That is why we are involved in European projects and its main partner in 3 of them: Dual Ports, Ishy and PECS.

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