Entering Port Oostende - Welcome!

Commercial shipping

Port Oostende is situated along one of the busiest shipping routes in Europe and receives ships of up to 200 metres. An all-round seaport that welcomes different types of commercial ships:

  • offshore installation and service ships
  • roll-on roll-off vessels
  • bulk & project cargo
  • cruises 
  • fishing vessels



Port Oostende binnenvaren haventoegang blue economy Vole au Vent bulk Lia Mare
Port Oostende crew transfer vessel

Arrival and Departure

You can follow the ship movements in Port Oostende on our Ensor platform:



Maritime Access

Pilotage must be requested via a ship's agent.

Light line sailing-up route of 143° is indicated by the light line



Port Oostende map leading light

Registering a vessel in the port

Only a ship's agent or operator can register a vessel in Port Oostende. By logging into the Ensor system, the ship's agent or operator can go through the legal formalities. These data are automatically linked to the Belgian Maritime Single Window. The Maritime Single Window (MSW) improves the exchange of information in European ports.


Berths and port fees

Port Oostende has 8.2 km of quay length and 199 ha of water surface available.
Depending on the activity of the ship, the harbour master's office assigns a berth.
The port fees can be requested.



Port Oostende pontoon