Circular Industry

Circular Industry in Oostende

There is a close business cluster in Port Oostende that is active in the circular economy. In addition to the fixed values such as: TopAsfalt and AIM Recycling there are also the newcomers Renasci and West-Recycle. Once the latter two are fully operational, 95 and 14 people respectively will work there.

"The cluster networking of Port Oostende brings companies together in one zone in the port area. These companies are open to cooperation around a specific theme. The companies we attract share their knowledge, strengthen each other's supply and demand and attract new players. This anchors the knowledge here and has a positive impact on employment. Port Oostende plays a facilitating role in this by, for example, organizing an interactive forum on Circular Economy."



Port Oostende circulaire industrie, Renasci Port Oostende Plassendal 1, channel Brugge - Gent