Dual Ports


Project information

  • Project Title: Developing Low Carbon Utilities, Abilities and Potential of Regional Entrepreneurial Ports
  • Lead Beneficiary: Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Haven Oostende
  • Programme Priority: Eco-innovation: Stimulating green economy
  • Specific Objective: Stimulate the adoption of new products, services and processes to reduce the environmental footprint of regions around the North Sea
  • Kickoff: On November 3rd 2016 the international DUAL Ports Kickoff was held in Vordingborg, representatives from the participating countries were present.

Project Summary

DUAL Ports aims to decarbonise Regional Entrepreneurial Ports (REPs)´ resources through a shared eco-innovation port programme that minimises their environmental footprint.

The objective is to specifically develop sustainable utilities and abilities of REPs. This will be achieved by collaboratively piloting and managing technologies and processes that tackle targeted measurable direct/indirect emission/pollution sources.

The project will ultimately enhance ports' organizational/operational (energy) efficiency and performance, facilitating port low carbonization at reduced cost and with knowledge/investment added value.

As demonstrated by last years´ offshore wind energy developments in the EU & beyond, ports can be key centres of innovation, testing and introducing emerging technologies, leveraging participation and multiplier effects, e.g. by triggering clustered activities that generate employment and benefit the environment.

A transnational approach/collaboration will be adopted to allow the DUAL small & medium size ports to capitalise on this potential, overcoming their individual limited staff, funding and capability to identify the most effective solutions on their own.

Only few measures have been selected due to the project duration and size of the partnership, but they are expected to have a considerable impact on the way ports can act as facilitators between enterprises, research centres and public authorities to enable user-driven Eco Innovation in the North Sea area.

Project implementation