DIOL embraces the vision outlined in Directive 2018/2001 and supports the Esbjerg Declaration on The North Sea as a Green Power Plant of Europe (NS GPPoE). This declaration, signed by the Prime Ministers of Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands at the North Sea Summit in Esbjerg on 18/05/2022, sets the stage for our concrete actions.

Project summary

Develop Innovative Offshore Logistic - Accommodating the needs from The Esbjerg Declaration

DIOL plays a pivotal role in facilitating the development of an offshore Renewable Energy (RE) system that will connect these four countries and France. In DIOL we acknowledge the significance of establishing the necessary logistics infrastructure to ensure the success of multiple interconnected offshore RE projects and hubs.

With the ambitious goal of delivering a minimum of 65GW offshore wind power by 2030, 150GW by 2050, and installing a 20GW production capacity of green hydrogen by 2030, it is both urgent and critical to support the core infrastructure providers impacted by these objectives.

To accelerate the expansion process, DIOL spearheads a forward-looking and resilient logistic chain. We prioritize innovation within the framework of a transnational coordinated effort. Our collaboration focuses on testing sustainable and efficient logistics solutions for offshore transfer and services. These solutions support the preparation and operations and maintenance (O&M) of the NS GPPoE, as well as the planned artificial energy islands.


  • Total budget: 7.304.450 €
  • 60% ERDF-finance and 40% own finance


  • Lead beneficiary: Airport of Esbjerg/Municipality of Esbjerg – DK
  • Project Leader: Director Mrs. Susanne Kruse Sørensen, Airport of Esbjerg

Number of partners: 13

Logistic hub

  • Airport of Esbjerg - Lead beneficiary  
  • Port of Esbjerg
  • Port of Cuxhaven (Nports), DE
  • Airport of Den Helder, NL
  • Port of Oostende, BE
  • Port of Brest, FR

Scientific provider

  • Fraunhofer, DE

Technology provider

  • H2X Ecosystems, FR
  • Brittany Aviation, FR
  • Skeydrones, BE
  • SeaTopic, FR
  • AquaSmart Engineering BV, NL