World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Appeal: Become a first aider

Port Oostende calls upon its employees to become first-aiders. A number of people have already committed themselves and followed a first-aid course. The training to be a first-aid worker is recommended for everyone. Whether at work or in private life, the training can save lives.
Our colleague, Johan Brissinck, testifies in this video about the usefulness of the first-aid training he received:

The story of Johan and Sander

"We give every employee the opportunity to take a first-aid course."

Safe Henk

28 April is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Health and safety are the absolute top priorities of Port Oostende. That is why we bring an important element of this to the attention: being prepared to provide first-aid (EHBO) in case of emergency. 

This action fits within one of the two foundations of Port Oostende.