Update Corona virus

Update COVID-19: 07/04/2020

In these unprecedented times Port Oostende focuses on keeping the port operational. Thanks to the efforts of our collaborators the port activities can continue as planned.

The number of ship movements of the last three weeks is comparable to that of last year. Port Oostende counted 667 incoming sailings from Monday 16/03 to Sunday 05/04.

With this positive reporting we want to encourage everyone who is involved in one way or another in the functioning of the port. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay Safe!

Update COVID-19: 19/03/2020

Port Oostende is taking far-reaching measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. The port services strictly follow the measures imposed by the government and at the same time do everything in their power to keep Port Oostende operational. The service remains assured. Ships can still enter Port Oostende. 

Port Oostende takes its responsibility towards society and towards its employees. 

Care for the employees

  • The employees do telework. At services where teleworking is not possible, a rotation was agreed so that there is no physical contact between colleagues.    
  • Meetings are held by teleconference. The IT department provides the necessary technical support for this. 
  • Meetings and training sessions that are not strictly necessary have been cancelled. 
  • Events have been cancelled and are moved to a later date if possible. 
  • Hygiene guidelines are reinforced and clearly communicated. 


  • Shipping continues to function to the maximum and the harbour master's service is available. 
  • For shipping, the usual measures remain in force. For example, the Maritime Declaration of Health must be completed 24 hours before entering the port. This procedure is in close coordination with the health service Saniport. 
  • Scheduled cruises are allowed to dock for supplies, but passengers are not allowed off board. 


  • The crossing by vessel between the city centre and the Oosteroever has been suspended.

Update COVID-19: 13/03/2020

The developments regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus are following each other in rapid succession. The port of Oostende follows the requested hygiene measures and the guidelines imposed by the National Security Council. Together we can slow down the further spread of the virus. 

More information: https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/

Port Oostende puts the health of its customers and collaborators first. We ensure that the port remains operational. The Port of Oostende is in close contact with the various authorities, SANIPORT and the occupational physician to take additional measures where necessary and in view of specific circumstances. In view of the fact that there are currently no specific ships from risk areas, we currently apply the guidelines of the government.