MPI Adventure colors the skyline of Port Oostende

On Tuesday evening, December 21, the turbine installation vessel MPI Adventure arrived in Port Oostende. The ship will be decommissioned by Van Oord now that work on the Ormonde wind farm has been completed, and will be commissioned by Jan De Nul to reload the ship. Everything is managed by shipping agent Lalement from Zeebrugge.

MPI Adventure

The MPI Adventure entered service in 2011 as the next generation offshore installation and maintenance vessel. The ship is 138.55 meters long with a beam of 40.80 meters. The MPI is quite exceptional due to the presence of 6 spuds. Often installation ships have only four such legs. The MPI Adventure is suitable for transporting, lifting and installing foundations and large wind turbines.

MPI Adventure belongs to the fleet of MPI Offshore, owned by the Dutch dredging company Van Oord. The vessel was carrying out maintenance work on the Ormonde offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea, off the coast of Barrow in North West England. Another job was carried out at the Gwynt Y Mor Offshore Windfarm off the coast of Wales and then demobilized in Ostend. The MPI Adventure will unload some packaged turbine parts here.

From January 10, Jan De Nul will charter and mobilize the MPI Adventure in Ostend for a test project with Moonfish at the North and West Alpha wind farms off the Dutch coast. The Moonfish, a caterpillar injector developed in-house by Jan De Nul, is taken on board in Port Oostende.

Port Oostende

Port Oostende hereby reaffirms its continued commitment to wind energy, now and in the future. We wants to characterize ourself as the reference port when it comes to wind energy, which is in line with its five pillars and two foundations.

Port Oostende focuses on continuity, growth and employment within five pillars: Blue EconomyBulk & Project CargoCruises & Roll-On Roll-OffCircular Industry and the Fisheries Sector. These sectors are further expanded on the basis of two foundations: prioritising safety, health and the environment and second supporting innovation and development.