At REBO terminal in Port Oostende 28 storage tanks are being built

Successful reorientation of REBO is once again reconfirmed

Harelbeke-based Geldof has started building 28 storage tanks at the REBO terminal, the heavy weight terminal in Port Oostende. This will take around 10 months. Geldof is a leading European supplier with global references in the Petro- and biochemical sector, as well as in the field of sustainability, including bioconversion, CO2 capture, biofuels and ammonia. Next year, these storage tanks will be towed to the LBC Antwerp tank terminal by a pontoon. This ensures minimal disruption in this (Petro) chemical terminal in Antwerp.

The 28 storage tanks weigh between 55 and 75 tonnes and are 30 metres high. 16 storage tanks have a volume of 3 400 m³ each and 12 have a volume of 2 400 m³. The storage tanks will be fully assembled at the REBO terminal. The heavy weight terminal has a carrying capacity of 20 t/m², which means anything large and heavy can be handled at the REBO heavy weight terminal.

Port Oostende offers a total package of services. Subsidiary MultiTech nv, for instance, will make several technicians available throughout the project. Also, subsidiary stevedoring company OSSCO (Oostendse Stuwadoor Services Compagnie) will support the project; among other things, they will assist by using the mobile port crane.

This new project fits perfectly within the strategy of Port Oostende to actively participate in the logistics and maritime chain. It also reaffirms the reorientation of the REBO terminal as a pure offshore wind terminal to a polyvalent heavy weight terminal. 

"We are continuously taking steps towards the development of Port Oostende and its subsidiaries by offering various services to port users. By doing so, we support the further growth of maritime traffic."

"I am pleased to see that the targeted investments are steadily increasing activity at Port Oostende and REBO. Such projects strengthen our port and increase employment in our city."

"Port Oostende is particularly pleased to enter into cooperation with a leading company active as an important supplier to terminals, among others."

"Every project is unique. The specificity of this project lies mainly in the highly creative and constructive dialogue between us and Port Oostende. Together, this allows us to really offer the customer the perfect tailor-made solution."

Port Oostende

Port Oostende is committed to continuity, growth, and employment within five pillars: Blue Economy, Lift-on Lift-off & Bulk & Project Cargo, Cruises & Roll-on-roll-off, Circular Industry and the Fisheries Sector. These sectors will continue to be built on two foundations: prioritising safety, health, and the environment and, secondly, supporting innovation and development.