Entrepot building gets a maritime destination with international top architecture

Port Oostende receives permit for complete restoration Entrepot building

The warehouse Entrepot, located along the Oostkaai of the Vlotdok, was built in a monumental neoclassical style in 1908. The facades were protected as a monument by Ministerial Decree of 22 September 1981. According to the management plan, it is intended for seaport bound and seaport-related industrial and logistic activities. This historic building is owned by Port Oostende. It has been empty for many years and is therefore in urgent need of restoration. 

The new port authority decided in 2019 to restore the Entrepot building and to give it an economically responsible use. In close consultation with the Immovable Heritage Agency, the port authority, together with top architects LMS Vermeersch, developed a well-considered plan in which future, present and past form a symbiosis. 

The Municipal Executive approved the permit on Friday 18 December. 


"It is in everyone's interest that our patrimony is managed respectfully and in a socially responsible manner. The maritime-related use of this building will upgrade the entire site on and around the Vlotdok. This fits in with the new dynamics of Port Oostende."


Complete restoration with a modern look

The facades will be completely restored, and the interior space will be given a modern look. Five floors are planned. The icing on the cake is the expressive construction on the roof of the building that strengthens the monument and upgrades it to an architectural masterpiece.

The warehouse Entrepot forms one whole with the adjacent Customs building. Port Oostende, owner of the Customs building since the beginning of this year, has already started major repairs to this building.


"With this top project Oostende can compete with other international cities of architecture. It will be an architectural pearl that will take our heritage to a higher level."

"The approval of this dossier is a milestone for our city. The revaluation of this piece of heritage proves that we cherish our maritime past and are ready for the future. The city of Oostende will be given a new architectural landmark."

"Upgrading the patrimony, partly consisting of heritage, will benefit the economic activity of the Port. The extra storey will turn the whole into an iconic landmark. The 3115 m² of space that will be created makes it feasible to exploit the building economically. This will allow our maritime niche markets to develop further."

Port Oostende

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