Port Oostende keeps on growing

Targeted investments will strengthen position in niche markets

At the beginning of this year, Port Oostende presented its new policy vision. One of the action points is to excel in niche markets such as the Circular Industry so that Port Oostende can differentiate itself from other ports. 
In the inner port, Plassendale 1, a 20-year concession contract was recently concluded with the new company West Recycle. This company will build a production unit where waste is processed into end products that can be reused as raw material in the construction business, among other sectors.  

On the 6 ha site structures will be built for this purpose in order to process waste indoors. The semi-finished building of the former company Green Power Solutions will be integrated into the new structures. In addition, West Recycle will build a new quay along the canal in order to create the possibility to (un)load by water. To this end, the company is even considering the purchase of a barge. 

The activities of West Recycle are fully in line with the focus on Circular Industry, one of the five pillars of Port Oostende. In this way, a cluster of companies active in the Circular Economy is being created in the inner port. Next to the area that West Recycle will occupy, there is already the Canadian company AIM Recycling Europe that focuses on the processing of metals. Renasci, another neighbour, is in the process of being built and will process waste by completely converting it into energy and raw materials without residual waste. Across the canal, there is the Bionerga biosteam plant, the Leo group's biofuel plant and Top-Mix & TopAsfalt from the Verhelst group. Not to forget AeroCircular, which has established itself at Oostende airport and will dismantle aircraft components.

The cluster operation of Port Oostende brings companies together in one zone in the port area. These companies are open to cooperation on one particular theme. The companies we attract share their knowledge, strengthen each other's supply and demand and attract new players. In this way, knowledge is anchored here, and this has a positive impact on employment. Port Oostende plays a facilitating role in this by, for example, organising an interactive forum on Circular Economy.

Port Oostende

The Port of Oostende focuses on continuity, growth and employment based on five pillars: Blue Economy, Bulk & Project Cargo, Cruises & Ferry, Circular Industry and the Fishing Industry. These sectors will be further developed with two principles in mind: prioritizing safety, health and the environment and, secondly, supporting innovation and development.