Hydrogen Days Oostende

Port of Oostende is playing a crucial role in the offshore wind energy supply chain. Hydrogen and renewable energy are going hand in hand. 

Green hydrogen can be produced through electrolysis and the H2 molecules can be transported, stored and used in any kind of low emission power application: fuel cells in cars and trucks, combustion engines in applications with bigger energy needs like ships. Excess and cheap renewable energy can be transformed in valuable hydrogen.
CMB operates nearly 100 seagoing vessels in our oceans. Within the group, the CMB Technologies department is developing several projects around hydrogen. 
In 2017, CMB Technologies launched the Hydrovillethe world's first classified ship that uses hydrogen in conventional combustion engines, reducing its CO2 emissions. Several other projects are under development: more powerful hydrogen engines, hydrogen refueling station, research of new storage techniques and development of new types of hydrogen ships.
In March 2019 the development of the HydroCat was announced. This vessel will serve as crew transfer vessel for an offshore wind farm at the North Sea.
Hydrogen is a key element in the energy transition. Embracing it now is making yourself futureproof!


Monday 26/08 - Tuesday 27/08 - Friday 30/08:

09.15 h | Registration
09.30 h | Introduction on hydrogen
10.00 h | Sailing with Hydroville in Port of Oostende (group 1) / Hydroville project details and vision for the future (group 2) 
11.00 h | Sailing with Hydroville in Port of Oostende (group 2) / Hydroville project details and vision for the future (group 1) 
12.00 h | Lunch and networking
14.00 h | End group 1 & 2