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Published  Fri, 09/11/2020 - 16:47

Norwegian company Columbi Salmon announces mega investment in Port Oostende

Columbi Salmon is a leading Norwegian company with more than 100 years of experience in salmon breeding. In 2021 a production department of Columbi will establish itself on the Plassendale 1 industrial estate in Port Oostende. A total of 13.5 ha will be occupied.  The breeding method that is being developed on the site is unique in Europe. The total investment amounts to € 150 million and will result in 80 - 100 direct jobs.

Atlantic Salmon

Columbi Salmon will breed Atlantic salmon (from egg to adult salmon) in tanks on land. This will be the largest Atlantic salmon farm 'on shore' in Europe. By 2023 they want to be fully operational and annually breed 15,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon.

Anders Hagen, CEO Columbi Salmon: "We chose Port Oostende because they immediately understood our business needs. They anticipated quickly and proposed an adequate solution. This perfect location is perfectly on time for us.”

Positieve turnaround

"With the arrival of Columbi Salmon 80 to 100 direct jobs and about 100 indirect jobs will be created in Oostende. The fact that Columbi Salmon focuses on minimizing the ecological footprint of salmon production is fully in line with our vision for the future," says Charlotte Verkeyn, chairman of  Port  Oostende. "Now that the Navy is also expanding its mine-fighting activities in Oostende we can speak of a further positive turnaround of the port.“

The eight founders have extensive experience in marine technology as well as in the financial sector. By producing closer to the consumer market, CO2 emissions are drastically reduced. Secondly, the fish waste stream is used for the production of biogas. That biogas combined with solar energy will cover 35% of the company's electricity demand. Thirdly, an aquaponic system will be rolled out. This combines hydroculture and aquaculture in an ecological balance.

Blue Economy

"After Eca Robotics, Renasci and West Recycle, Columbi Salmon is the fourth company that Port Oostende attracts in a year and a half. It proves that Port Oostende is a unique business partner that actively facilitates companies with water-related activities and offers the appropriate framework. In this case there will also be a close cooperation with Ostend Science Park and UGent," says Dirk Declerck, CEO and managing director of Port Oostende.

This investment fits completely within the story of the Blue Economy, one of the spearheads on which the Port of Ostend focuses.

Port Oostende

Port Oostende focuses on continuity, growth and employment within five pillars: Blue Economy, Bulk & Project Cargo, Cruises & Roll On Roll Off, Circular Industry and the Fisheries Sector. These sectors are further expanded on the basis of two foundations: prioritising safety, health and the environment and second supporting innovation and development.

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