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Port of Oostende
Slijkensesteenweg 2
8400 Oostende (Belgium)
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Maritime access



Pilote has to be ordered via ship agency (see service directory).

DAB Loodswezen: (see service directory).

pilotage to the Port of Oostende

Leading lights

Alignment 143° indicated by leading lights

leading light Port of Oostende

1. - 2. > alignment 143° indicated by leading lights

3. > new construction of 2 moles
   > access of vessels up to 130 m length (without restrictions), vessels between 130 - 200 m can be accepted after an authorisation of the harbour master
   > entrance = 150 m wide at -8 m LAT
   > broadens out 5 cables inside the entrance

4. > to a turning basin with a diameter of 300m

Widening eastern shore

> works planned in 2015 (project approved)
> the last phase of the new harbour entrance project
> removing the current slope and dolphins on the eastern side of the approach to the turning basin
> result: widening the channel by 50 m


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