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Port of Oostende
Slijkensesteenweg 2
8400 Oostende (Belgium)
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Industrial area

Multimodal possibilities

The industrial area of Plassendale I has multimodal possibilities:
• road, via the international motorway A10 - A40 at less than 1 km
• ship, via the canal Oostende-Ghent for inland vessels up to 1350 ton and coasters up to 3500 ton
• rail, with a rail bridge over the canal connected to a network of tracks and a multimodal railway platform.


• different companies offering warehouse facilities
• own warehousing can be constructed or leased


• several logistic companies are located in or nearby the port area
• all kind of transport can be offered

Marine services

• a dedicated area for the marine services has been made ready by the port
• several companies are already located on this area
• space available for other companies

Renewable energy

• bio steam installation
• bio fuel installation
• bio diesel installation

Chemical industry

• chemical area in the port
• sharing utilities possible
• clustering of several chemical companies
• space available for expansion

Circular economy

• several companies already active in the re-use of materials
• recycling business: metals, algae, oil, soil, non-ferrometals, parts of airplanes, ...