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Port of Oostende
Slijkensesteenweg 2
8400 Oostende (Belgium)
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Bulk & General Cargo

Heavy load capacity up to 20T/m² for general cargo

The ‘Zeewezendok’ is equiped with a heavy load quay with a capacity of 20 t/m², including adapted RORO-berths, which is rather unique in the Southern North Sea region.
Considering the multi-modal connections of the port of Oostende, the Zeewezendok is an excellent location to handle your over-sized and project cargo.


Situated in the far end of the outer harbour, the ‘Diepwaterkaai’ (length 380 m) and the ‘Cockerillkaai’ (length 320 m) are equipped to handle bulk traffic and general cargo. The ‘Demey lock’ (length 124 m, width 17.5 m) gives way to two inner docks, ‘Vlotdok’ and ‘Houtdok’ (depth 6 m). Those docks are equiped with all necessary facilities. A rail track runs on the eastern quayside of the ‘Houtdok’, making direct transfer from ship to rail possible. As the docks are connected to the inland waterways, they are easily accessible for barges.