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'Larkspur' sets sail for her official maiden trip on the new passenger service Oostende-Ramsgate (20/07/2004)


The 'Larkspur' set sail from the port of Oostende at exactly 13h30 (local time Oostende) for its maiden trip on the new passenger service Oostende-Ramsgate. The 'Larkspur' used to sail as a ro-ro ship only on the Oostende-Ramsgate line but today she wrote history as the first ro-pax ship (both roll-on, roll-off and passengers) since Hoverspeed closed the Oostende-Dover passenger service two years ago.

Already in the morning caravans, cars, minibuses, mobilhomes and motorcycles lined up at the passenger terminal of Transeuropa Ferries along the terrains of TEF at the 'Stapelhuisstraat' in Oostende. The ship and her passengers left the port of Oostende for Ramsgate under a clear blue sky and quiet weather conditions.

Passengers can still benefit from the promotions that are running in connection with the start up of the new passenger service. Transeuropa Ferries (TEF) initially provides for 4 daily departures from Oostende and 4 daily departures from Ramsgate for passengers. Please consult the website for more information.

The port of Oostende wishes TEF all the best with the new passenger service.


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