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Press release: Official announcement of the passenger service: Revival of a direct link passenger service between Ostend and Ramsgate


On 20th July 2004 the shipping company Transeuropa Ferries will start a new passenger service between Ostend and Ramsgate; We offer a unique passenger line between Belgium and Great Britain, for the individual traveller and families who want to enjoy a relaxed crossing.

During the first stage two ferries will each make four daily crossings. Our ferries carry cars, mobile homes, caravans and motorcycles; no coaches or foot passengers initially.

Both ferries: M/V Larkspur and M/V Oleander have cosy Bistro type bars, cafeteria and restaurants. An attractive cuisine with an appealing selection of wines and beers etc create the relaxed atmosphere of an enjoyable sea trip: the mini cruise feeling.

The launch of the passenger line between Ramsgate Ostend highlights the importance of this route, which would be the only passenger service and form the only direct link gateway between Belgium i.e. Ostend and a UK Channel port i.e. Ramsgate.

Also, our present successful freight service would serve to emphasis the ongoing and dedicated efforts made by Transeuropa Ferries and Transeuropa Shipping Lines. In fact the existing superior and popular RoPAX service we hope will stand us in good stead and bring to the new passenger service the unique, gracious and outstanding service already provided by our highly professional and multilingual seagoing and shore based staff.

Connection through Belgium with whole of Europe.

The Transeuropa Ferries Terminal in the Port of Ostend is situated within 500 meters of the A10-E40 motorway connecting the Low Countries to Germany and France.

Transeuropa Ferries is the sole shipping company operating out of Ramsgate; which now has a fast track connection to the port road, which connects the motorway network to and from London and elsewhere.

Notes for editors

Transeuropa Ferries nv is the cross channel satellite arm of Transeuropa Shipping Lines d.o.o. of Slovenia. Since November 1998 Transeuropa operates a successful Freight line between Ostend and Ramsgate, which offers 10 departures a day in both directions with 6 RoPAX vessels.

Transeuropa Shipping Lines is now operating on the English Channel and Mediterranean routes.

Photos of Transeuropa ships are available on request

Contact Transeuropa Ferries NV Slijkensesteenweg 2 B - 8400 OOSTENDE Tel.: ++32/59 340 250 and Fax: ++32/59 340 251


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